KlearVisen™: Real-time Removal of Fog from Video

Owing to the numerous video editors and beautification filters, our videos today come out pretty perfectly. However, all of that goes to waste if our perfect shot is shrouded by fogs, mists or haze. The poor image quality does not only hamper the aesthetics of the video but also degrades the performance of computer vision algorithms of national importance like surveillance, tracking and navigation. In a way, the whole purpose of shooting a video is defeated if it is of questionable clarity due to atmospheric conditions. We, at Proficient Vision understand your frustration at not being able to control the antics of light on water droplets and missing out on capturing important moments. Therefore, we have developed an algorithm which removes the atmospheric obstructions like fog from your real-time videos and gives you the green signal to record videos anywhere, anytime. This algorithm is not only an added filter to those beautiful sunrises your phone captures but also aims to help the society as a whole. Clarity in tracking videos would increase visibility and thus reduce the risk of road and airborne accidents radically. It would help fire-fighters to track victims in smoke as easily as it would help soldiers to navigate through bad atmospheric conditions. In essence, this algorithm has the potential to become the new eyes and ears to our national intelligence and security systems. Proficient Vision Solutions aims at creating a new level of visual clarity in hopes to make the society take a leap forward.

Examples of Our Product in Action

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