KlearVisen™: Real-time Removal of Rain from Video

Aaron Neville might revel in his lyrics “Can’t stop the rain from falling down” but we know what a nuisance rain can be to the quality of photos and videos. The constant movement of raindrops obstruct our vision radically, leading to unfortunate accidents and disturbances in surveillance systems of national importance. In bad weather, videos are often used to compensate for the obstruction in vision. But if the clarity of videos is corrupted due to rain on the lens, the whole purpose of shooting it is defeated. This problem becomes grave especially for drivers and public officials like fire-fighters or policemen who rely on videos to see in bad weather. Atmospheric disturbances like rain are unavoidable but Proficient Vision has succeeded in developing an algorithm that will act as a raincoat to your videos. This algorithm will filter your videos in such a way that the disturbances caused by raindrops will be removed completely, resulting in impeccable clarity. Needless to say, this algorithm will not only help photographers in capturing that perfect monsoon video, but will also help to enhance vision for security and tracking purposes. Proficient visions aims at creating a new level of visual clarity in hopes to make the society take a leap forward.

Examples of Our Product in Action

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