About Us

Proficient Vision Solutions Private Limited is, in essence, a group of tech enthusiasts with the vision of implementing our years of experience into developing solutions that usher in a new era of technological innovation. We are dedicated towards developing computer aided vision oriented- solutions that assist mobility in particular and the larger society in general. We specialize in the fields of image and video restoration. With the incorporation of Proficient Vision Solutions, we have launched our first venture in this field, viz. real time removal of vision obstructions on account of bad weather like rain and/or fog.

The algorithm we have developed is an improvement on the existing vision systems which can only record useful videos in clear weather. We understand that the weather does not change depending on our need to shoot a video or click a picture. Therefore, a filter to edit out the disturbances is the only way to gain an advantage over natural phenomena and shoot clear videos anytime, anywhere. Our algorithm is not a mere filter but an important addition to national security, surveillance and tracking systems as well. It seeks to become the new eyes of a transportation system which becomes less effective during adverse weather conditions. Weather, during rain and/or fog, greatly obstructs a driver’s vision over surface or airborne. In USA alone, nearly one hundred thousand accidents occur on road due to adverse weather. India does not fall far behind as far as statistics show, especially with its high population, lax road discipline and poor traffic conditions. However, if disturbances like rain and/or fog are removed from real-time videos, the rate of accidents would be much less since one would be able to see the real conditions that lie ahead instead of blurred vision. Our algorithm would facilitate safe steering, traffic signal recognition and make driving comfortable. Not only is our algorithm useful to transportation services but can also be used for security purposes. It increases the visual acuity of videos so that their contents are easily intelligible. This will also be useful to espionage and internal security (including CCTV footage) where visual accuracy is of utmost importance. This feature can also be used by fire-fighters and police for tracking and identification purposes. Clarity is a key element of this utility and that is exactly what we intend to bring forward through the rain and fog removal from videos algorithm.

This algorithm was first conceived by a PhD scholar and his academic supervisor. Soon after the proposal was conceived and tested, IIT Kharagpur filed for patents in the US, Europe and South Korea and the patent was accepted in these 3 regions. Our algorithm performed better than others of its kind as it could remove rain and fog from real time videos. The algorithm works only on the intensity component of the video while all other approaches in this domain focussed on all colour components. It also requires lesser number of consecutive video frames to do its job. Finally, we succeeded in significantly enhancing video clarity whereas all related algorithms till now haven’t had similar success in improving images.

We are inspired by the response our algorithm is getting and humbled with the recognition which has been bestowed upon us. We want the positive effects of this creation to seep into all levels of society and achieve a new level of visual clarity that will make people’s lives safer. Towards this end we are in search for Partners who can help our solution reach the market and enhance the work Proficient Vision Solutions have done and will continue to do.

We are looking for partners who can help us to validate the technology and reach the market.